✈️Import Account From Ledger Into UniSat

Import Account From Ledger Into UniSat

Step 1 - Find the HD derive path for your Ledger account

Click the 'Edit Account' button on the account page.

Find the derive path by ADVANCED -> freshAddressPath (E.g 84'/0'/0'/0/0).

Step 2 - Import Account into UniSat

Case 1: Haven't installed UniSat

After install UniSat wallet, choose I already have a wallet,

Case 2: UniSat already installed

Click β€˜Other Wallet’,

a. Choose Native Segwit or Taproot address type according to your account type.

b. Set Custom HDPath to your Legder account derive path which you can get from 'Account Page ->Edit account -> ADVANCED -> freshAddressPath' on Step 1 (E.g m/84'/0'/0/0)

c. Click 'Continue' to finish the process


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