Support for assets on the BTC mainnet to swiftly transition into RGB++, BTC L2 and other protocol & network assets.

What is LeapX, and what can it do?

LeapX is an all-protocol asset leap tool; it enables all ecosystem protocol assets on the Bitcoin mainnet to leap bi-directionally into RGB++ assets, granting them the capability to seamlessly and trustlessly navigate between L1 and L2.

Why make the leap?

The ultimate fate of L1 assets should not be merely MEMEs but core assets like Bitcoin itself. LeapX is designed to break down the barriers between protocols, allowing all L1 assets to engage more natively in the yield-generating and application possibilities of L2, transforming them into genuine core assets.

What can be done after leaping?

By leveraging the RGB++ protocol's ability to leap freely between networks within the UTXO model, all assets will eventually be usable across similar networks, such as CKB, ContinentX, and all UTXO Stack chains. This will form a vast ecosystem containing DEXs, stablecoins, lending protocols, and other foundational infrastructure and DeFi applications.

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