✨SRC20 Protocol

BTC Stamp token protocol - SRC20 specification

Source: https://github.com/hydren-crypto/stampchain/blob/main/docs/src20.md

SRC-20 Tokens

SRC-20 Specifications have changed protocol specifications as of block 796,000. SRC-20 transactions are now created directly on BTC and are no-longer supported as Counterparty transactions. SRC-20 mints, deploys, and transfers are all free from an service fees with the exception of the BTC miners fee when done from a supported wallet.

SRC-20 is a bleeding edge specification modeled after BRC-20. Prior specifications of SRC-20 in its initial state were built on top of Counterparty transactions with specific requirements for an issuance transaction. The current specification as of block 796,000 encodes the SRC-20 transaction directly onto BTC and does not use Counterparty. Any SRC-20 transactions created on Counterparty after block 796,000 will be invalid. Counterparty was used as a proof of concept as we designed a direct to BTC method which optimizes the transaction size and reduces cost of SRC-20 transactions.


SRC-20 Tokens must conform to these required fields or a Bitcoin Stamp Number will not be created, the transaction will not be considered a valid SRC-20 transaction, and they will not appear in the Bitcoin Stamps Protocol index / API.

SRC-20 transaction must be signed and broadcast onto BTC by the address that holds the SRC-20 token balance as it acts as a means to authenticate ownership. Both the source and destination addresses are embedded into the BTC transaction which is created by the users wallet. The SRC-20 reference wallet will ensure you are creating the proper transaction until support can be integrated into more broadly distributed wallets such as Hiro. Please use extreme caution if signing transactions created by a third party.


    "p": "src-20", 
    "op": "deploy", 
    "tick": "STAMP",
    "max": "100000", 
    "lim": "100",
    "dec": "18" // [optional]


    "p": "src-20", 
    "op": "mint", 
    "tick": "STAMP", 
    "amt": "100"


    "p": "src-20", 
    "op": "transfer", 
    "tick": "STAMP", 
    "amt": "100"

If the amount specified to be transferred exceeds the balance held (which would be determined by the latest state of an Indexer), then the transfer will be deemed invalid.

SRC-20 Token Requirements

  1. Tokens must be 1-5 characters in length.

  2. Allowed characters: a. Any word character (alphanumeric characters and underscores) b. Special characters: ~!@#$%^&*()_+=<>? c. Most printable emojis in U+1F300 to U+1F5FF

  3. Disallowed characters: a. Non-printable Unicode characters b. Quotation marks: " ` ' outside of regular json delimiters c. Special characters not present in (2b, 2c) including , in numeric fields

  4. Only numeric values are allowed in the "max", "amt", "lim" fields

  5. Other Qualifications:

    • The third multisig pubkeys must be to a valid Keyburn address

    • not case sensitive DOGE=doge

    • max mint/transfer/lim amount: uint64_max 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (commas not allowed, here for readability only)

    • max decimals: 18 (default - no need to specify unless a lower precision is desired)

    • json strings are not order sensitive

    • json strings are not case sensitive

    • MAX, LIM fields are integers only

    • AMT field is a decimal up to uint64 max with 18 decimals

    • Must be a valid CP transaction for transactions prior to block 796,000 have 0 assets issued, locked, and not divisible

    • Must be a valid BASE64 as decoded by Python 3.9 base64.b64decode(base64_string prior to block 796,000

  6. Balance Calculations

    • Mints over the limit are capped - user will receive the limit amount if the token has not exceeded the max value

    • Deploys to the same tick which are previously deployed are invalid

    • Negative mints and transfers are invalid

    • If a mint is within the limit, but not within the max it is capped at the max value

    • Any mint where max has already been exceeded is invalid (overmint)

    • Any transfer over the users balance at the time of transfer is considered invalid and will not impact either users balance

      • if wallet x has 1 KEVIN token and attempts to transfer 10000 KEVIN tokens to address y the entire transaction is invalid

SRC-20 Token Example JSON Strings

πŸ”ΊπŸ”Ί Invalid Examples: 🚫🚫

{"p": "src-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "πŸ™‚APL", "amt": "18446744073709551616"} ## over uint64_max
{"p": "src-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "πŸ™‚@PL", "amt": "18,446"}     ## commas not allowed in amt
{"p": "src-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "πŸ™‚"PL", "amt": "100"}        ## double quotes not allowed in tick
{'p': 'src-20', 'op': 'mint', 'tick': ' rare', 'amt': '1000'}       ## invalid space in tick
πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ Valid Examples: πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

{"p": "src-20", "tick": "πŸ™‚APL", "op": "mint", "amt": "100"}
{"p": "src-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "STAMP", "amt": "18446744073709551615"}
{"p": "src-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "πŸ™‚P`L", "amt": "100"}
{"p": "src-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "πŸ™‚PL?", "amt": "100"}
{"p": "src-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "πŸ™‚PL?", "amt": "100"}
{"p": "src-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "πŸ™‚PL", "amt": "100"}
{"p": "src-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "PIZZA", "amt": "11111", "random": "test"}  
 "p": "src-20",
 "op": "deploy",
 "tick": "KEVN",
 "max": "2844674409551615",
 "lim": "1000"

INVALID tokens will not be created in the Bitcoin Stamps Protocol index or API, and the transaction will not be considered a valid SRC-20 transaction. Any further modifications to the standard must be designed around backwards compatibility.

Allowed Unicode Chars for Tick Field

Emoji_Presentation: This property includes all characters that are defined as emojis and have a distinct emoji-style appearance. These characters are intended to be displayed as colorful pictographs, rather than black-and-white text symbols. Examples include face emojis (πŸ˜€, πŸ˜‚, 😊), objects (πŸš—, 🌍, πŸ•), and symbols (❀️, 🚫, ⏰).

Emoji_Modifier_Base: This property consists of characters that can be modified by emoji modifiers, such as skin tone modifiers. These characters usually represent human-like figures (e.g., πŸ‘©, πŸ‘¨, 🀳) and can be combined with emoji modifiers to represent variations in skin tone or other attributes.

Emoji_Modifier: This property contains characters that can be used to modify the appearance of other emojis, particularly the ones classified as Emoji_Modifier_Base. The most common example is the skin tone modifiers (🏻, 🏼, 🏽, 🏾, 🏿) that can be applied to human-like emojis to represent different skin tones.

Excluded Unicode Chars for Tick Field

These chars are excluded from the allowed chars list because they are not printable, and are not allowed in the tick field. Tokens with these chars will not be created in Bitcoin Stamps Protocol index or API, and the transaction will not be considered a valid SRC-20 transaction.

Emoji_Component: Characters that are used to create more complex emojis, such as skin tone modifiers and hair components. These characters are not emojis on their own but can be used with other emojis.

Extended_Pictographic: This includes additional pictographic characters not covered by Emoji_Presentation but can still be considered emojis.

to apply an emoji modifier it would take up 2 chars, and be added directly after the emoji from emoji_presentation. I suspect the web browser interprets that. kind of cool, didn't know how those worked.

an ASCII character takes up only one byte, while an emoji can take up to four bytes.

SRC-20 BTC Transaction Specifications

 # bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction 50aeb77245a9483a5b077e4e7506c331dc2f628c22046e7d2b4c6ad6c6236ae1 true

  "txid": "50aeb77245a9483a5b077e4e7506c331dc2f628c22046e7d2b4c6ad6c6236ae1",
  "hash": "d045be2dc4647d92c1327fbd5572e6c7024f00f1e991b833f38cbdfb1a19577c",
  "version": 2,
  "size": 451,
  "vsize": 369,
  "weight": 1474,
  "locktime": 0,
  "vin": [
      "txid": "6005ee8cc02e528e20c8e5ff71191723b0260391020862a03587a985f813dabe",
      "vout": 2,
      "scriptSig": {
        "asm": "",
        "hex": ""
      "txinwitness": [
      "sequence": 4294967295
  "vout": [
      "value": 0.00000555,
      "n": 0,
      "scriptPubKey": {
        "asm": "0 afdcc32a2778ebd36c4859c7301bb4c32cb59f93",
        "desc": "addr(bc1q4lwvx2380r4axmzgt8rnqxa5cvktt8unqlnka6)#3yzckyj0",
        "hex": "0014afdcc32a2778ebd36c4859c7301bb4c32cb59f93",
        "address": "bc1q4lwvx2380r4axmzgt8rnqxa5cvktt8unqlnka6",
        "type": "witness_v0_keyhash"
      "value": 0.00000888,
      "n": 1,
      "scriptPubKey": {
        "asm": "1 03c46b73fe2ff939bea5d0a577950dc8876e863bed11c887d681417dfd70533e51 039036c8182c70770f8f6bd702a25c7179bfff1ccb3a844297a717226b88b976cc 020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202 3 OP_CHECKMULTISIG",
        "desc": "multi(1,03c46b73fe2ff939bea5d0a577950dc8876e863bed11c887d681417dfd70533e51,039036c8182c70770f8f6bd702a25c7179bfff1ccb3a844297a717226b88b976cc,020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202)#jjleg3k0",
        "hex": "512103c46b73fe2ff939bea5d0a577950dc8876e863bed11c887d681417dfd70533e5121039036c8182c70770f8f6bd702a25c7179bfff1ccb3a844297a717226b88b976cc2102020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020253ae",
        "type": "multisig"
      "value": 0.00000888,
      "n": 2,
      "scriptPubKey": {
        "asm": "1 02dc054e58b755f233295d2a8759a3e4cbf678619d8e75379e7989046dbce16be3 02932b35a45d21395ac8bb54b8f9dae3fd2dbc309c24e550cf2211fe6aa897e5ca 020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202 3 OP_CHECKMULTISIG",
        "desc": "multi(1,02dc054e58b755f233295d2a8759a3e4cbf678619d8e75379e7989046dbce16be3,02932b35a45d21395ac8bb54b8f9dae3fd2dbc309c24e550cf2211fe6aa897e5ca,020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202)#x8agrm2s",
        "hex": "512102dc054e58b755f233295d2a8759a3e4cbf678619d8e75379e7989046dbce16be32102932b35a45d21395ac8bb54b8f9dae3fd2dbc309c24e550cf2211fe6aa897e5ca2102020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020253ae",
        "type": "multisig"
      "value": 0.00345194,
      "n": 3,
      "scriptPubKey": {
        "asm": "0 cc1d6448d6879b3e260829d9a31717beb772186e",
        "desc": "addr(bc1qeswkgjxks7dnufsg98v6x9chh6mhyxrwrvdktf)#km4m4l32",
        "hex": "0014cc1d6448d6879b3e260829d9a31717beb772186e",
        "address": "bc1qeswkgjxks7dnufsg98v6x9chh6mhyxrwrvdktf",
        "type": "witness_v0_keyhash"
  "hex": "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",
  "blockhash": "00000000000000000005304641c363ce12d8a2a3b98c81d6b8b721cb37f66dfa",
  "confirmations": 1999,
  "time": 1686278106,
  "blocktime": 1686278106

The owner of the first input is considered the owner / source of the transaction | vin[0].prevout.hash[::-1]

The first vout output 0 is the destination address for a transfer "address": "bc1q4lwvx2380r4axmzgt8rnqxa5cvktt8unqlnka6"

For mint and deploys vout-0 is the minter/deployer address

The components of the multisig ScriptPubKeys are:

  • 1: This is the number of required signatures for the transaction to be valid. Always 1 (of 3) for SRC-20 (1 sigop)

  • 03c46b73fe2ff939bea5d0a577950dc8876e863bed11c887d681417dfd70533e51: This is the SRC-20 encoded data

  • 039036c8182c70770f8f6bd702a25c7179bfff1ccb3a844297a717226b88b976cc: This is the SRC-20 encoded data

  • 020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202: This is the hash that must be to a valid keyburn address.

  • 3: This is the total number of public keys in the multisig script. Always (1 of) 3 for SRC-20


We will also use an additional mulisig script in the decoding example below. Additional multisig scripts may be added depending on the length of the JSON string.

Decoding the SRC-20 Bitcoin Transaction

Take the first two pubkeys from all present multisig scripts. In this example there are a total of 4 hex strings in the two scripts.

03c46b73fe2ff939bea5d0a577950dc8876e863bed11c887d681417dfd70533e51 039036c8182c70770f8f6bd702a25c7179bfff1ccb3a844297a717226b88b976cc
02dc054e58b755f233295d2a8759a3e4cbf678619d8e75379e7989046dbce16be3 02932b35a45d21395ac8bb54b8f9dae3fd2dbc309c24e550cf2211fe6aa897e5ca

First we strip the sign and nonce bytes (first and last bytes from each string) which leaves.

c46b73fe2ff939bea5d0a577950dc8876e863bed11c887d681417dfd70533e 9036c8182c70770f8f6bd702a25c7179bfff1ccb3a844297a717226b88b976
dc054e58b755f233295d2a8759a3e4cbf678619d8e75379e7989046dbce16b 932b35a45d21395ac8bb54b8f9dae3fd2dbc309c24e550cf2211fe6aa897e5

The strings are then concatenated and decoded using ARC4 decoding, which uses the vin[0].prevout.hash[::-1] as the signing key.

The output after ARC4 decoding is:


The first two bytes - in this example 0045 is the expected length of the decoded data in hex (less any trailing zeros) for data validation. This is required in order for the transaction to successfully parse and be indexed. Transactions without this value or a value that does not match the string length are considered invalid.

The next 7374616d703a is the hexadecimal representation of stamp: in lowercase - this is required for a valid stamp SRC-20 transaction

The remaining string is the SRC-20 JSON data.


Which UTF-8 decodes to:


In order to minimize the transaction size spaces are not used in the serialized JSON string which is constructed by the SRC-20 reference wallet.


Compression and data serialization is supported in SRC-20 transactions. Previously SRC-20 was a JSON Strings encoded in BASE64 inside of a Counterparty issuance transaction. In some cases the json string was serialized and compression was utilized to minimize the size of the corresponding transaction. This is an important factor when indexing and validating prior SRC-20 transactions within Counterparty transactions, and will continue to be supported in current version SRC-20 transactions. However given the construction of the JSON string without spaces, and the fact that we are no longer encoding in BASE64 the transactißon size benefits are minimal. This must be taken into consideration when parsing for transactions on chain.

An example of the serialization and compression:

# Note this string has line breaks and spaces so serialization and compression is worthwhile especially given that it was encoded in BASE64 which is 2x the size. 
data = {
    "p": "src-20",
    "op": "mint",
    "tick": "STAMP",
    "amt": "100000"

# Serialize the JSON String
serialized_data = msgpack.packb(data)

# Compress the serialized data using zlib
compressed_data = zlib.compress(serialized_data)

Indexing for SRC-20 Transactions

SRC-20 transactions may be indexed directly from BTC for validation. Prior to block 796,000 this can be accomplihed using Counterparty API's to pull transaction details from valid issuances with a numeric asset with a valid json string encoded in base64 with the multisig scripts to a valid keyburn address. All transacitons on and after block 796,000 must be parsed directly from a BTC node. The specifications above must be followed including valid json strings and a valid Bitcoin Stamp transaction prefixed by 'stamp:'

Tick Length

Python sees the text length differently than Node.JS. In the following example we determine the char length using the python method.

Node: 'BULLπŸ‚'.length = 6

Python: len('BULLπŸ‚') = 5

Base64 and other Decoding Anomolies

Python and Node.JS handle base64 decoding differently. Prior to block 796,000 for CP based transactions which were base64 encoded this can have an impact on valid/invalid transactions. After block 796,000 for direct to BTC transactions which are ARC4 encoded this does not have an impact.

For example:

Transaction: c129cc8f13760fce63a42257dbe5dcdd0aad798f858f6b08968c7834c7a1bcc7

With base64 string: eyJwIjogInNyYy0yMCIsICJvcCI6ICJtaW50IiwgInRpY2siOiAiUElaWkEiLCAiYW10IjogIjExMTExIn0

This string is considered invalid in Python using base64.b64decode(base64_string) and pybase64.b64decode(base64_string) and in bash printf "%s" "{base64_string}" | base64 -d because it is missing the end of line = for padding / newline. The original indexer was written in python with these 3 checks so it is deemed invalid even though Node.JS interprets this string properly. Padding was attempted in prior iterations to attempt to include improperly formatted base64 strings into BTC Stamps protocol however since it is not possible to properly determine the location for padding in all cases these were simply deemed invalid to remove malformed data.

Also, Transaction f3a8df9f71bd195b43186c669666732fa86623e2d2f9633cf663b32e5e417b69 at the time of block 796000 was parsing as an SRC-20 transaction when pulled directly off Bitcoin. However on 3 Counterparty nodes the transaction parsed as shown below. Due to the requirements of SRC-20 Transactions being a valid counterparty transaction prior to the specified block this transaction was deemed invalid. This may be a bug in Counterparty which was unable to be addressed for final validation so this was excluded. This is documented for future indexing validation. The original transaction was a Bitcoin Stamp, however the same Counterparty asset name was used for the second transacion was intended to be a JSON string for a SRC-20 token. This is against protocol specifications where a previously existing stamp on the asset cannot be changed.

9575037|791071|insert|issuances|{"asset": "A5428699716173256069", "asset_longname": null, "block_index": 791071, "call_date": 0, "call_price": 0.0, "callable": false, "description": "STAMP:iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAACgAAAA4BAMAAAB9BqfFAAAAJ1BMVEVIZZcqRnYNERg8Qj4gJSEiLEojOFsAAAD7AQkeGx7///+SoYxUaWqIxi3EAAABTklEQVQ4y73PsU7DMBQF0FSiA6MHilg7lA8IEhmRcCR+wIq8MpQvQE8xYxrFaVkzpBuVoAM7/B7XcRrH1EJMvapk++jd1zaaB3I6XD6GEDFOO+Uj+JqIdr0tgF0o3+bb+cI+otkB63yN0yKz5xPqyiEDA/O2/XCIYAW9aK03Xw6RS9p/a20XsNmAij439MaW5tUjM1gB2QgvMqL3I2wyJSrFfBRCNCX7jTKAEqN1CN1kNDHHlUDfIQIHCg8RU5ejnTbTbnLiY3SOpSX2eDiVmOxuYxQS6AXYiADiv/8XQ3UZ3BlGeYyNDKBoQ3X5B55xh2nTfxHng/LU/CTeB+87VHjalKIe0B6YzJ5LvuIPHmZ7oD+5SjOlfESAVKJsMY7jG3OpFK144tBwfLumIsFlwASfRBWFjgt+Dwf2KbR+Lez1gKhqjYaHWABy6NhhID/iStgdKGHcpQAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==", "divisible": false, "fee_paid": 0, "issuer": "1WweVUK8kLmSNt6yKKqwVxch3Z7Lw5HAY", "locked": true, "quantity": 100, "reset": false, "source": "1WweVUK8kLmSNt6yKKqwVxch3Z7Lw5HAY", "status": "valid", "transfer": false, "tx_hash": "934dc31e690d0237d8d0d6a69355a7448920dbd12ff21abf694af48cfb30d715", "tx_index": 2387617}|1684859820

9581330|791180|insert|issuances|{"asset": "A5428699716173256069", "asset_longname": null, "block_index": 791180, "call_date": 0, "call_price": 0.0, "callable": false, "description": "STAMP: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", "divisible": false, "fee_paid": 0, "issuer": "1NwCmg8gZW7KykrA7mX16zugNZZuckPg5o", "locked": true, "quantity": 0, "reset": false, "source": "1WweVUK8kLmSNt6yKKqwVxch3Z7Lw5HAY", "status": "valid", "transfer": true, "tx_hash": "f3a8df9f71bd195b43186c669666732fa86623e2d2f9633cf663b32e5e417b69", "tx_index": 2390355}|1684931053

Example SRC-20 JSON Validation

If the JSON string is not valid including it will be rejected from the index. This is a sample of the validation script. Any SRC-20 transactions that do not pass this validation are considered invalid transactions and will not impact user balances. This is the current method used for the indexer validation of JSON strings. Anything that does not pass this check will not get a valid BTC Stamp number and will not be indexed as part of SRC-20.

tick_pattern_list = {

def matches_any_pattern(text, pattern_list):
    matched = True
    for char in text:
        char_matched = any(pattern.fullmatch(char) for pattern in pattern_list)
        if not char_matched:
            matched = False
    return matched

def sort_keys(key):
    priority_keys = ["p", "op", "tick"]
    if key in priority_keys:
        return priority_keys.index(key)
    return len(priority_keys)

def check_format(src_input_json, block_index):
        input_dict = json.loads(src_input_json)
        print("checking format", input_dict)

        if input_dict.get("p") == "src-20" and block_index < src20blockend:
            tick_value = input_dict.get("tick")
            if not tick_value or not matches_any_pattern(tick_value, tick_pattern_list) or len(tick_value) > 5:
                print("EXCLUSION: did not match tick pattern", input_dict)
                return False

            deploy_keys = {"op", "tick", "max", "lim"}
            transfer_keys = {"op", "tick", "amt"}
            mint_keys = {"op", "tick", "amt"}

            input_keys = set(input_dict.keys())

            uint64_max = Decimal(2 ** 64 - 1)
            key_sets = [deploy_keys, transfer_keys, mint_keys]
            key_to_check = {"deploy_keys": ["max", "lim"], "transfer_keys": ["amt"], "mint_keys": ["amt"]}

            for i, key_set in enumerate(key_sets):
                if input_keys >= key_set:
                    for key in key_to_check[list(key_to_check.keys())[i]]:
                        value = input_dict.get(key)
                        if value is None:
                            print(f"EXCLUSION: Missing or invalid value for {key}", input_dict)
                            return False

                        if isinstance(value, str):
                                value = Decimal(''.join(c for c in value if c.isdigit() or c == '.')) if value else Decimal(0)
                            except ValueError:
                                print(f"EXCLUSION: {key} not a valid decimal", input_dict)
                                return False
                        elif isinstance(value, int):
                            value = Decimal(value)
                            print(f"EXCLUSION: {key} not a string or integer", input_dict)
                            return False

                        if not (0 <= value <= uint64_max):
                            print(f"EXCLUSION: {key} not in range", input_dict)
                            return False
            return True

    except json.JSONDecodeError:
        return False

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