🎖️Grand Celebration Offer

OpenStamp’s Grand Celebration Offer

For OG Pass Holders

1. Achievement Badge OAT

Design unique achievement badges.

2. Participate in Decision Voting

OG PASS HOLDERS can participate in decision-making processes on the OpenStamp platform, such as the design of new features, UI optimization, or recommending new projects to join the launchpad, enhancing their sense of involvement.

3. Limited-time Trading Discount: This limited-time offer ends on 02.28.2024

OG PASS HOLDERS enjoy a 50% rebate on platform trading fees.

For Regular Existing Users

1. Points Reward System

The higher your points, the greater the trading discounts. With points exceeding 200, during the limited-time offer (ending on 02.28.2024), a 30% rebate on platform trading fees is provided.

2. Social Media Sharing

Regular users can earn extra points by sharing transaction screenshots on the OpenStamp platform. With over 20 likes, you get 10 points; over 40 likes, you get 20 points; over 100 likes, you get 60 points. This activity is limited to once per user.

For New Users (Initially for BRC20 and BRC420 Users Only)

First Minting or Trading Points Reward

New users conducting their first minting or trading on the OpenStamp platform receive a reward of 20 points.

For Projects Joining the Launchpad——Mayflower

1. Enhanced Brand Exposure

OpenStamp will provide launchpad projects with broader brand exposure, attracting more attention from the crypto community.

2. Shared Ecosystem Resources

OpenStamp will introduce launchpad projects to other projects within the same ecosystem, creating opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing.

3. Community Support

OpenStamp will establish exclusive Discord channels for launchpad projects, offering community support to channel members.

4. KOL Support

Launchpad projects will have access to shared Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) within the ecosystem, boosting project visibility.

5. Media Support

OpenStamp will provide media support for launchpad projects.

6. Consultation/Incubation Support

The OpenStamp team can offer comprehensive advice and introductions to optimize the launch of a project, ensuring its quality.

7. Limited-time Points Reward for Project Minting

All users participating in the launchpad mint will receive an additional 10 points during the minting period.

*The final interpretation of this marketing plan belongs to the OpenStamp.io.

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