🍟List SRC20 Tokens

How to list SRC20 tokens on OpenStamp.io

Step 1 - Login OpenStamp with UniSat/Leather Wallet

Once your UniSat/Leather wallet(Install Guide) is ready, open OpenStamp, click β€˜Connect’ in the top right corner, then click β€˜Sign’ to log in.

Step 2 - List Sell Order

After logging in, click on the address in the top right corner, then select β€˜Assets’,

Then you can see the SRC20 tokens you hold. Click the β€˜List’ button on the right side.

Then a β€˜List Review’ box will pop up. Enter the quantity of Tokens you want to sell and the unit price, read the warning information and check the box to acknowledge the risks, then click β€˜Confirm’.

You should cancel orders before transferring listed SRC20 Tokens, or risk being blacklisted due to Matching Transaction failure.

You will need to click the β€˜Sign’ button to authorize this Sell Order, which will only be posted to the network after the buyer pays. You do not need to pay any listing fee and there will be no BTC loss.

If you encounter the prompt β€œNo suitable low-value UTXO found. Create more in Tools”, please first go to β€˜Tools’ to create some small amount UTXOs(Guide).

Each Sell order requires the use of one confirmed small UTXO. Input the number of small UTXOs you need to create, for example, 3, then click β€˜Submit’ to submit the transaction. After the transaction is confirmed, you can use the created UTXOs for listing orders. For more details, please refer to Small UTXO Design.

Step 3 - List Order History

After logging in, click on the address in the top right corner, then select β€˜Orders’. You can see your list order history.

You can also click the order Status to check the related tx and usually needs 3-4 block confirmations after user paid the payment.


Please do not mix the stamp assets with addresses used for other BTC protocols, as it may result in the loss of other assets.

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