⛏️SRC20 Marketplace

OpenStamp's SRC20 marketplace design philosophy

After a period of diligent development, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our SRC20 Marketplace. Your unwavering support along the way has been truly appreciated.

Since the SRC20 is not directly linked to SAT, achieving a DEX through simple SAT exchanges is out of the question. The design philosophy of our marketplace revolves around minimizing trust and thwarting Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) to foster a secure and robust trading environment.

In order to help users better understand the trading processes on our SRC20 Marketplace and to address potential questions, this article offers a concise overview of various facets associated with trading. This includes the selection of indexer and wallets, the interpretation of different order statuses, and key considerations for both buyers and sellers. If you have additional questions, feel free to join our Telegram community.

Design Philosophy

  1. Assets safety comes first.

  2. No transaction needed when list or cancel orders.

  3. Trading process has to be transparent to users.

  4. Easy to use.

Wallet Selection

In the initial stages, we will use the UniSat Wallet, as it provides a comprehensive and easily integratable range of features such as message signing and PSBT transaction signatures. Future support for the Hiro and StampWallet will be considered based on the practical needs of our users and the wallet supported functions.

If your SRC20 tokens are stored in a non-UniSat wallet, such as Hiro, StampWallet, or FreeWallet, we recommend that you import your address into the UniSat Wallet. Please refer to this guide for detailed steps.

Order Status Explanation

1. Pending Payment: The order is pending a match, waiting for the buyer to place an order. 2. Locked: To prevent duplicate purchases, orders are locked once a buyer places an order. If the buyer does not pay within 1 minute, the order will be unlocked within the following 2–3 minutes. 3. Paid: The order has been paid for, awaiting the matching transaction. 4. Expired: The payment has timed out. 5. Matching: The buyer has paid, and the matching transaction has been sent, awaiting block confirmation. 6. Verifying Match: After 2–3 block confirmations of the matching transaction, the transaction’s success is verified. 7. Matched: The matching transaction verification is successful. 8. Exchanging Assets: The asset transfer transaction has been sent, awaiting block confirmation. 9. Finished: The asset transfer was successful. 10. Refunding: The order is abnormal, refund in progress. 11. Refunded: The refund has been processed. 12. Cancelled: The order has been cancelled. 13. Invalid: The order is invalid.

Notes for Sellers

1. Posting and cancelling sell orders do not require transaction sending. After the order is cancelled, the platform will delete the signed transaction for the sell order. 2. Each sell order will occupy a UTXO with small amount. Small UTXO 3. The amount held in the UTXO used for the sell order will be transferred back to the seller in the matching transaction. 4. If the UTXO used for the sell order is moved before the matching transaction, the sell order will become invalid. 5. If your account does not have a UTXO with small amount, you can create some using the UTXO Split Tool in our website. 6. If you need to move your SRC20 Token, please cancel your orders first. 7. If you maliciously move the SRC20 Token resulting in a failed matching transaction, all your related addresses will be permanently added to the blacklist. 8. Avoid using an inscription or BRC20 wallet concurrently, as this could potentially result in the loss of your inscription. 9. To alleviate unnecessary concerns, we recommend using a dedicated wallet for Marketplace trading. 10. If you have any doubts, do not proceed. Feel free to seek advice by joining our Telegram.

Notes for Buyers

1. Only one unpaid order can exist at a time. 2. Please complete the order payment within 1 minute. If you do not pay within 1 minute, you will have to wait for 2–3 minutes to place the order again. 3. Strictly adhere to our provided payment process. Do not use other payment methods. Any losses incurred from such actions will be borne by the user. 4. If you frequently place orders without making payments, all your related addresses will be permanently added to the blacklist. 5. If you have any doubts, do not proceed. Feel free to seek advice by joining our Telegram.

Your continued support for OpenStamp is greatly appreciated. We remain committed to contributing to the Stamp, SRC20, and SRC721 ecosystems. Happy trading!

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